Sunday, May 8, 2011

Final Aughra Speed Sculpt - Paint

Here's my 'final' version based on Aughra. It took five months of spare time here and there to finish, but oh well. People are busy and life got serious. I was able to finish the on and off paint in Muddy 2012 in an hour, really just touching up color. I didn't intend to make an exact replica, this is a speed sculpt - paint, so its based on Aughra, and for the time I spent, 'good enough. I tried the Gesso material in Mudbox at one point a while back and this sculpt truly looked like a porcelain figurine which I thought was kinda neat, but it was too bright. I think in the future I'd retop it and 'do the hair in ReLight. Geo hair looks funky, but it worked good for a speed sculpt. I was thinking of making a vehicle eventually since a few of the boys were working on them, I really hope that gets me back in the groove.