Monday, November 29, 2010


Here is my WIP of my painting I'm calling "Departure" (why not). I went with this subject matter because I had been watching "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel, plus I had found an image reproduced from a carving that supposedly shows a Mayan in a rocket. This was enough fodder to extrapolate from to come up with the scene. Once I got going, I realized this doesn't have to be specifically Meso-American based in context, rather, it is a scene that could take place on any planet, so I didn't bother going as far as making the Mayan/Aztec specific details. Pyramids were close enough for effect.

For my own process I like to sit and have a think about what I'm going to paint, and sketch some key features I'd like to put in, before actually doing any painting. The sketches laid down the direction I'd take.

The painting I'd say is 50% there, I'd like to get it going with color on it next, put more ceremonial attire on the people, tighten up the lighting and add atmospherics. Thanks for looking.

Paint Challenge WIP

Heres my contribution to the 2D challenge. Wanted to do some guys fighting some kind of worm creature. Dcided to do a desert scene with late sunset colors and cool shadows. Got a ways to go but here it is so far.

Friday, November 26, 2010

painting challenge WIP

so heres a speed paint doodley doo for the painting challenge. was just messin around while "watching" tutorials. have plans to do other different types of enviros, but thought i'd just put this up for now.

Monday, November 15, 2010

2D PAINT Challenge (w/alternate)

All, for the next challenge, and to keep us on our collective toes, a 2D Paint challenge is in order. Several of us have gathered behind a friends monitor here and there and marveled at a well done concept painting, whether it was theirs or some other artist' painting, gloating over the awesomeness.

I know there are a few folks who would like to keep modeling; considering some of us are undertaking Mudbox training, as such, if you would prefer to do another modeling challenge, there's an alternate project if you'd like to opt out of the 2D Paint Challenge. Details follow.


For the 2D Paint Challenge you will need to adhere to the following rules, but these are by no means "constraints".

• Your painting is required to have an environment evocative of a particular mood. You must utilize devices like fog, light and shadow, color to produce this aspect. Maybe some rule of thirds, composition use what you know.

• Your painting must have one character or focal point. If there is a character, it must be posed in context to the environment, a straight up stand is fine, but put some dynamism in there somewhere. This challenge is not necessarily focused on character design, but it can be a component to the overall finished piece.

• Your painting must be an illustrated narrative. Whomever looks at your finished work should be able to tell you what they think is happening. If you want to put an Easter egg of some sort in there or personal meaning, that be great but it should be 'Epic'.

• Your painting should focus on a particular genre. SciFi is fine, historical, Video Game Industry.

I encourage you to treat this work as a pretend freelance project. Take it seriously and give your colleagues here at work something interesting to look at, and more importantly, give yourself a finished piece you can throw in your own reel.

ALTERNATE PROJECT: Model a low poly video game character.

For those of you who want to model:

• Use the software suite of your choice. Preferably, if you're training, use that program.

• Polygon Limit: The max polygon limit is 1200. Whomever gets really lower than that and has an awesome design will not 'win', but earn, a heartily applied slap on the back signifying a congratulatory overture.

• Your character has to have the appearance of meticulous detail. Please reference Final Fantasy characters (one of a plethora of examples).

• Your character should incorporate a bump map at the least. I'm implying that you should go for more detailed surface maps, especially if you want the detail.

• Your character should have all the virtues of being an absolutely memorable character; exhibiting silhouette, gesture, presence.

Same deal. Ultimately this project makes you better in some way and it's yours. Give your colleagues something to appreciate.


This challenge officially starts MONDAY the 22nd of this month and is due the 17th of December. You can start early as in NOW.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Agressive Insectoidal

Here's my entry for the bug like warrior challenge. Since I'd last done a humanoid, I figured WTH I'll straight up bust out with a custom bug. I looked at some reference and liked a lot of different features, so I thought I'd graft a few things together on one bug. Wings, horns, pronounced mandibles, venomous stingers, armoured thorax, with some abstraction. This was a four hour speed sculpt so it's essentially a rough out. I do have the multi-subdivided layered .mud I can return to later to refine, but with that said, this would be ready for a re-top since it is already taxing my computer. I've attempted to paint it to add some color, I was going to go with a bright, vibrant scheme indicative of danger, unfortunately I'll have to do a re-top first, one day. All in all it was a fun exercise. I'm looking forward to painting for now. I'll post the challenge notes soon.-The Mayor

Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Ole' Art Dump

Hey All,
Just thought I'd share abunch of stuffz I worked on recently.
The medicine man guy is some freelance concept art I did about two years ago for an unrealized game. I have a more rendered version somewhere.
The color monster is old as well, but a couple weeks ago I did a few minor tweaks to it that I have wanted to do for awhile. I think I can call this finished now.
The Demon Lord guy is something Ive noodled away on for the past month or so. It was meant to be a quick design so i could build him in 3D. I think i went crazy on the rendering. Maybe I will finish him and add color.
The Space Marine sketch is a recent 2 hour-or-so work I have since lost interest in. I just think there is alot of stuff wrong with it and I gave up on it rather than fix it.
Thanks for checkin' out my stuffz.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Tribal Warrior / Butterfly WIP

Here's my WIP. Still a noob at ZBrush and getting around in it's interface. Yeah, I'm blaming the tools even though I know the saying goes "A bad workman blames his tools" :P. May take a hand at learning Mudbux next time around.

I intend to put in the wings and spear eventually.

PS. - will add my concept sketches when I get to a scanner