Tuesday, June 21, 2011

quick Sculpt and a quick paint (WIP)

Well I finally got the new computer up and running. Got my software, backed-up files and all my fun stuff back in place. Work, for me at least, has slowed down and Im not so exhausted anymore when I get home, so I was able to start sculpting again.
Trying out the newest version of mudbox. Did a bunch of sculpts that will never see the light of day as I tried and tested the newest version. Not alot of new features that are amazing or anything, but the way it sculpts and how it handles files is greatly improved from what I can tell.
Here is the first sculpt I did in Mudbox in a long time. I spent a couple hours total on this guy. Quick sculpt and a quick paint. Still A WIP as I want to finish his painting and there are a few things to work on in the sculpt.

Friday, June 17, 2011

slight update...

so here is a little bit of an update, as ya'll can see I got the pants and shoes ready to go. Already started mudboxin some details, but no progress shot on that just yet, am still a bit worried about that, seeing as I had trouble getting the displacement out the last time. Granted, I could do all the shader work in mud now, what with the new materials options and all. ANYWHOOO... as can see they share the same suit, ergo, I'm gonna use one mesh for the sculpt, and just vary them slightly and save out the difference.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

some stuff I been working on...

So here is what I've been workin on for the past couple days... Been working out an idea for the fairy tales challenge. Thinking something along the lines of Red as a amazonian warrior or some sort of warrior chick. You may notice shes not wearin pants... thats cuz I hav'nt figured out what to have her wearing, or maybe I should leave it, giggity ;). Also decided to finish up some of the older stuff I promised to finish all those months ago, starting with Ol' Dafty McPunkbot here... as ya'll can see I got the jacket and belt goin. thiking I might do the zippers as part of the texture, or perhaps use the vector displacement in Muddy... tried making geo and it just doesn't read well(buzzing)

well thats all for this night... until next time sports fans!