Thursday, September 22, 2011

and even further still..

so here is a lil bit further along,... just going in a putting 1 or 2 hours every now and again. so as you can see in the newer version (Left) I just went in and added more muscle detail, more facial features, and TOES!!! soon Imma build some armor and cover it all up! YAHOO! as far as the style of armor, I'm thinking something along the lines of Mass Effect, (space aged stuff) it's the face... makes me think of the characters from that game

Friday, September 16, 2011

a lil further along...

heres the newer version in comparison to the first. More gruff face, wider shoulders and hips, longer arms... nipples. yah know...I think I'm liking the one eye... hmmmmm

Thursday, September 15, 2011

quick sculpt...thing

heres a thing... only way I can describe him is as some sort of faun-like creature. so this is about an hour foolin around in Mudbox, just a'pushin and a'pullin and this is what I got. He's gots legs but I dont really like the way they are shaping up at the moment so I'm prolly gonna go back and work something out, widen his midsection back for starters, I was originally going for more of a district 9 alien body type. who knows I might take this guy to a semi decent level, maybe some armour, or perhaps a LOINCLOTH!!! mmmmmmmm loin