Wednesday, July 6, 2011

chamberlain revisit/update

so I decided to go back into the chamberlain and finish him up. After a few long hours of continuing to fail at displacement implementation in Maya, I decided to "screw it" and just do it up fancy with Mudbox, so I begin with the color. It's funny, in my mind he is not that colorful, but in the film, he's got a pretty wide spectrum, I am also taking quite a bit of liberties anyway. So here is a render out of Mud with the default lighting, but with some tweaks in the material attributes, i.e. fresnel scattering, gloss, etc... so once I get the color to a good enough spot I'm gonna do a pose layer, export that lower rez posed mesh to maya and build the cloak, then send the cloak to muddy for texturing, as I said before I'm gonna try to do as much of the detailing on the cloak straight in Maya, just to keep things simple.