Wednesday, August 3, 2011

depraved WIP

One of the many projects Ive been working on. Built him as a zsphere model, did some basic forming in zbrush, retopologized to a clean base mesh in topogun and sculpting him in mudbox.


  1. good to see this guy finally workin out and gettin some updates, I remember you had some problems at the start. looking good and evil! I dont mean he is good and evil just that he is looking good and also happens to be evil... you know, at the same time... and stuff... O nevermind

  2. yeah I finally found a design i liked. He alsways had funky legs and I figured out what i wanted to do with them. Still has a ways to go but i have made progress since. Also have a water buffalo dude to put up, but im stuck on his base paint job right now.