Thursday, September 15, 2011

quick sculpt...thing

heres a thing... only way I can describe him is as some sort of faun-like creature. so this is about an hour foolin around in Mudbox, just a'pushin and a'pullin and this is what I got. He's gots legs but I dont really like the way they are shaping up at the moment so I'm prolly gonna go back and work something out, widen his midsection back for starters, I was originally going for more of a district 9 alien body type. who knows I might take this guy to a semi decent level, maybe some armour, or perhaps a LOINCLOTH!!! mmmmmmmm loin

1 comment:

  1. great start man. Maybe add some more non-human features, horns, bumps and stuff to the body to match the head a little bit more. Looks good so far bro keep it up.