Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daft Punk WIP numba tree

heres progress report number three, modeled the gloves, edited geo on the helmies, added some bells AND whistles. Messed around with lighting, reflection, etc... still WIP on that part. Now for the suits in muddy for the wrinkles and creases, etc, not so bad, they both wear the same outfit.


  1. Nice. Im sure Brian or I can help you with the surfacing when you are ready. Looks cool, I wanna see them with the full costumes. I must confess though I have heard of daft punk but know nothing about them.

    Anyway looks like a cool start

  2. Well, as a Daft Punk fan, I love it. Please make a real Guy De Hommem helmet so we can bust out at Kawaii Kon.