Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time to get things on here started again!

Welcome back everyone! Its a new year and its time we get back to work.

To start things off, Im wondering what kind of things do you want to do?
Did you like the long the projects? Want to do more? Less?
Do you want more 2D projects?
Do you want more short range projects?

Personally I want to make it more interesting and not make this so character driven. Id like to do weapons, vehicles and environments as well as more creatures (non bipedal) and of course humanoids.

Maybe something that after a few months of work everything can be combined to make a cool illustration.

So what do you all think?
What do you all want to do?

Please respond right here on the blog if you wanna participate and what you want.

We can start a new project next week.



  1. I would like weapon. Weapon style if interest of me. Vehicle certainly.
    Kind thanks,

  2. Slightly smaller projects like the weapons sound fun and perhaps an easier fit into people's schedules if peppered in now and again among the occasional big ones.

    Also a fan of 2D work, it can always feed into a later/extended 3D challenge.

  3. I do enjoy the 2d challenges, and sculpting things other than characters sounds pretty cool, also maybe we can do a couple of speed sculpts again to get everyone a quick refresher.

  4. I'm good with whatever you guys go with, I know I've been slow with posting things but I have been doing R&D on the side (nothing super exciting to show at the moment). Vehicles and weapons do sound interesting, I do have something in mind that I would like to make.