Sunday, November 14, 2010

Agressive Insectoidal

Here's my entry for the bug like warrior challenge. Since I'd last done a humanoid, I figured WTH I'll straight up bust out with a custom bug. I looked at some reference and liked a lot of different features, so I thought I'd graft a few things together on one bug. Wings, horns, pronounced mandibles, venomous stingers, armoured thorax, with some abstraction. This was a four hour speed sculpt so it's essentially a rough out. I do have the multi-subdivided layered .mud I can return to later to refine, but with that said, this would be ready for a re-top since it is already taxing my computer. I've attempted to paint it to add some color, I was going to go with a bright, vibrant scheme indicative of danger, unfortunately I'll have to do a re-top first, one day. All in all it was a fun exercise. I'm looking forward to painting for now. I'll post the challenge notes soon.-The Mayor


  1. Yeah I guess thats pretty good. :P

  2. Nah, Really dude Im blown away. Its easy to see how much you have improved in your sculpting skill and technique. This is really nice, well done and well thought out. Im super inspired now to to work on my bug warrior. Hes been sitting for three weeks. Anyways, awesome man, and well done.

  3. looks awesome mayor!!!! i'll definitely vote for you.