Friday, November 12, 2010

Big Ole' Art Dump

Hey All,
Just thought I'd share abunch of stuffz I worked on recently.
The medicine man guy is some freelance concept art I did about two years ago for an unrealized game. I have a more rendered version somewhere.
The color monster is old as well, but a couple weeks ago I did a few minor tweaks to it that I have wanted to do for awhile. I think I can call this finished now.
The Demon Lord guy is something Ive noodled away on for the past month or so. It was meant to be a quick design so i could build him in 3D. I think i went crazy on the rendering. Maybe I will finish him and add color.
The Space Marine sketch is a recent 2 hour-or-so work I have since lost interest in. I just think there is alot of stuff wrong with it and I gave up on it rather than fix it.
Thanks for checkin' out my stuffz.


  1. Nice work! I like the character with the lunch box, he really has some richly appointed cultural attire. The lighting on the devil is awesome, even got some evil fog going off. On the war hammer one, are their skull motifs on the armor or is that the enemy? The monster one is cool, I see echoes of Medieval Spawn in there. Since you prefaced in your description the state of completedness on these, I actually don't have any criticism. I've been reviewing different styles of painting (real like, concepty, sketchy) and I'm narrowing down on which way to go. I'm glad you posted these to start us all off.

  2. inspiring work for sure, i especially like the medicine man.