Friday, November 26, 2010

painting challenge WIP

so heres a speed paint doodley doo for the painting challenge. was just messin around while "watching" tutorials. have plans to do other different types of enviros, but thought i'd just put this up for now.


  1. Dude, Mr.Cole Mullins-Sparth-Maldonado, very impressive!

    I think the robots may be a bit small compositionally, maybe you could scale them up to around the height that you had that space ship the first time.

    Atmosphere is great, and I really like your toned down color pallette. Great jorb my friend. Do some more, do some more!!!!!

  2. I wonder if making them much bigger would be overkill, since they're already clearly as big as (or bigger than) the buildings at that distance! In terms of importance though they are fighting an uphill battle against the cityscape. Perhaps you can pull some further composition tricks to cycle the eye around more...cyclicticaly...?

    The atmosphere is great! I'm sure they're just coming to give the city a big hug.

  3. The overall painting is great. The robots for me are not threatening enough. Three "The Clamps" robots, I don't know, they do not seem as serious as the environment. Tendrils, red LED eyes, Cloverfieldish mecha or something else would be more appropriate. But the style and execution is nice, you've emulated your favorite painter very well.