Monday, November 29, 2010


Here is my WIP of my painting I'm calling "Departure" (why not). I went with this subject matter because I had been watching "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel, plus I had found an image reproduced from a carving that supposedly shows a Mayan in a rocket. This was enough fodder to extrapolate from to come up with the scene. Once I got going, I realized this doesn't have to be specifically Meso-American based in context, rather, it is a scene that could take place on any planet, so I didn't bother going as far as making the Mayan/Aztec specific details. Pyramids were close enough for effect.

For my own process I like to sit and have a think about what I'm going to paint, and sketch some key features I'd like to put in, before actually doing any painting. The sketches laid down the direction I'd take.

The painting I'd say is 50% there, I'd like to get it going with color on it next, put more ceremonial attire on the people, tighten up the lighting and add atmospherics. Thanks for looking.


  1. Great start B. layout is nice, the only thing that really stands out is that there are only three dudes watching a god leave. I feel it needs a crowd because right now it feels sparse and a little less epic feeling than I believe you are going for.

    More people decending the pyramid in the foreground and crowds on the ground around the other pyramids would go a long way to making this the epic you want it to be.

    looking forward to color.

    Again, great start.

  2. I had the inkling he needs a send off sans the Cham-pagen. I'll see what I can do.