Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alien Quickie (No obscenity intended)

I wanted to try out something for the bull mesh quick sculpt but I wasn't able to get anything interesting out of it (at least anything to show).  I tried playing around with the human base mesh for about an hour and a half in zbrush (yep, exported the mesh obj from mud and brought it into z, just wanted to try something else).  I kinda got tired of looking at it (short attention span of mines) so I will go ahead and post it up.  If I get anything else interesting I'll go ahead and post it up too...


  1. hey cool, glad you jumped in! I love that creepy skeleton like spine...I was gonna do that....well now that I don't wanna copy you gotta come up with a new plan. (plotting ensues)

    Anywho... I like that its hard to tell where his suit begins and his flesh ends. It gives me the idea that he could shift his form to be whatever he needs to be to get close to the target.

  2. Good to see you back, Richard. Like I mentioned, I like it a lot, feels both organa and mecha. Would love to see this with color to accentuate the forms with some vericose veins, sumin' like that.