Tuesday, September 14, 2010

speed sculptification and modelizing #1

Inspired by Brian's speedie from the other night, the first speed sculpt will be Japanese armored super heroes and villains.

What would Superman, Captain America, Magneto, or the Green Goblin look like if they were a armored Japanese super hero? Pick any American comic book hero or villain and give them the Japanese style treatment. Look up such characters as, Kikaider, The Kamen Riders, Zaboga, Robot Detective K, or any of the Ultraman heroes for reference and/or inspiration. There are even more, and if anyone knows any cool ones go ahead and list them for others to look up.

1. A bust of your character. Head and neck a must, shoulders arms a bonus if you so choose to sculpt them.

2. 3 hour time limit on the sculpt. This includes any base mesh you choose to build, the base heads in zbrush or mudbox should be fine for sculpting. Any time you spend on the base mesh is part of the sculpt, so don't worry so much about a base this is just a speed sculpt. Besides you can retopo it later if you want to.

3. 1 extra hour for any painting if you want to add color.

4. Have fun.

5. As many as you want. Want to do a speedie every night? Go for it, the more the merrier.

Just one thing, please don't sculpt for 12 hours then say you did it in 3. Whatever you do in 3 hours is perfect, the more of these you do the faster you will get.

All sculpts due next Monday Sept 20th, with a front, side and 3/4 side view. Any other views you want to include are optional.

Allrighty then, cant wait to see what we get out of this.

further list of Japanese heroes I know of:
Diamond eye, Metalder, 5 Go Rangers, Inazuman, Giant Robo, Inframan, Rainbowman and... thats all I can think of

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