Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He is so handsome... from the bull mesh

Yeah , Im not even sure what this thing is. I started just pushing and pulling on the bull base mesh and at the same time was looking at a pug calender on my desk.

Yeah I like pugs! You wanna make something of it?

Anyway... I spend an hour on this guy before I got bored and tired. I may just call this one done. Im not happy about the feet but I probably put just a few minutes into them. I put zero thought into muscle structure, which is obvious, and spent most of the hour on the head and neck. I played around with the material preset and the lighting...for another minute and shot off a few screen renders. Probably spent a full hour and ten minutes on this handsome bugger.

All in all I thought the bull mesh was rather limiting, but worth the time cause I had to think a bit about the forms and how to deform them. Ill come up with a better subject for next weeks speedie sculpts.

Any suggestions?


  1. I like it a lot. The maw and jowls really evoke an amphibian, reptilian feel, all the way to the Chinese Lion-Dog, so the look and feel is great. The eyes recessed in the eye sockets feel good, remind me of the fighting dogs bred in the UK, the face looks armored, a defensive property, so it makes me think the beast should have formidable offensive features like teeth not shown or more prominent claws. For the time spent is great, only I could see it with bigger claws later when you have time.

  2. What I like about your creature design Kahi is that it's compelling; they have elements of fantasy in them but they are structured in a way that its feasible or at least evokes a sense of it (like the nostril demon guy you did). This guy definitely follows that trend; I am convinced that this is a real creature of some sort, but still is interesting enough to be in the realm of fantasy. I usually get stuck on the design phase and spend a lot more time on it.

  3. Brian- Maybe if I get the notion I will finish the feet. We will see, the more I look at him the more I want to flesh out his feet and make him complete. Thanks man.

    Richard- Thanks! I always try to sculpt as if the thing im sculpting could really exist in the real world. Stuff I thought of was how thick the neck muscles would need to be to hold that massive head, and a lower aspect rear end to keep his center of gravity low enough to not be front heavy. Not sure if it would really work that way though.