Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not Bull! A challenge to un-bullify a bull

I was figuring on making a dragon out of the bull, but then I thought of making something like a chimera. I felt the biggest pain was reshaping the bull, it might have been easier to start with a base mesh out of Maya, but then that's not really a challenge. Spent moments in the process dipping back to my Mudbox book trying settings on brushes and other things endeavoring to deepen my understanding of the technical aspects. I was going to paint the speed sculpt, but tried some lighting and material settings and ended up with the sculpt looking like a pewter figurine, at least that's what it reminds me of. Oh well-st, this is what I was able to do before burning out.


  1. I actually thought that the bull mesh idea would be a good one but found that i tired and bored easily on this one. Anyway, I think thats pretty good man. That is an absolutely as different fr the bulll mesh as one can get...I think... and I really like it. Nice job.

  2. Great challenge indeed, it's usually not a good idea to fight the mesh (most of the time its best to remesh it if you're gonna change the form drastically) but you deliberately chose that path - I think its a great way to practice a sort of "troubleshooting" technique for a sculpt that needs immediate attention (like its gone to hell but needs to be fixed up within the day... we got a few like those before actually)