Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tonights speedy

Well after a long day being a Daddy, I sat down tonight and didnt have it in me to work on the prophet. Needed a break so I did a speed sculpt. Spent just about 1 hour and 30 min to sculpt then I went into maya built some teeth, and brought them into mudbox. spent just as long in photoshop and mudbox just getting renders out and ready for posting.
I was thinking about the dinosaur project for some reason and this is what I got out of that. I guess he's a bossk like alien guy. some reptile alien race hell bent on our destruction. You know... the usual.

Getting away from long projects and whipping out a speed sculpt sometimes is awful fun.

Anyway hopefully have the sculpt of the prophet done by monday.




  1. Looks pretty damn rockin, especially for the time spent on detailing! I rather like the design of the prominent chin compared to the small, sleek head.

    Star Wars Nerd Fun Fact Time! Bossk's species are called the Trandoshan. They live on a moon of Kashyyyk, hunt Wookiees, and yes, I can tell you an even more ungodly amount of other things about them that no one gives a shit about!

  2. I like the saurian and looks also a little deep sea fish like as well. I'm glad you picked a green color for it. Nice scaling. The thick plate on the brow makes me think he's very well protected, and makes me wonder about his ancestors.