Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alien assassin over limit

This speed sculpt series was good fun, so fun that at the end I went over the 4 hours by 15 minutes. So sue me. Oh well. I didn't bother to paint it but settled for a different material with some ambient occlusion. Figure he's armoured, so metallic would be nice. I did try different settings with the brushes and tried to work more with keeping certain sculpting or detailing to particular levels and I get it now, the purpose, or logic to the work flow. When I heard 'Alien Assassin' I thought of the Giger Alien plus some tech suit. I would have loved to take this all the way and really refine it more. The circular detail in the middle of the chest piece started to look like a little grey alien and made me think perhaps this design is an exo-suit. I got a bit over zealous I guess and this looks less stealthy befitting of an assassin and more akin to soldier. Meh, I really don't care either way, this is what wanted to come out and I wasn't going to fight it. At this point I'd rather go organic for the next topic if possible, hard surfacing is a little of a drag in the 'box.


  1. Looking pretty righteous Brian! I'm still having a heck of a time with those inorganic hard edges you've got in here all over the place, though playing with the falloff has helped a lot in defining shapes.

    Dude looks like he could punch through your head for breakfast. A gooey, brain filled breakfast.

  2. sweet man. Pushing the limits again, very nice to see. To be honest I really like the shape of the helmet on the forms, 3rd from left in your progression shot. Has a much more "Alien" feel to me. The other helmet is cool too, just does look like it could just be a human power suit from the front. From the side the shape gives the idea of a alien shaped head but I think it gets a bit lost from the front.

    The legs area is great, very good job on the knee pads, as well as his torso armor. Tubing is great too. If you were to re-topo this and even make a few pieces as separate geo's, you could make a cool animateable power suit!

    I like this very much. Good job my man.

  3. I really like the in-progress collage there; it shows the general change in volume and how the mesh was worked on to hold up the detail in the higher resolutions. It's really helpful to see that initial build-up of volume to define the loose silhouette. At one point he kinda reminds me of the elite guys from Halo (with the hammerhead look)