Monday, October 4, 2010

alien assassin

Heres my take. I only worked for 2 hours due to having food poisoning most of the weekend and working my weekend job, and having a bunch of other bull I had to deal with. I may put another couple hours into it in the next few nights.

I'm not completely happy with the way its going, lots of glaring problems , but hell its a quick sketch right? I wanted him to have a type of stealth suit, very low aspect, lightly armored and form fitting. Allowing him to be able to blend into environments easier to get close to the mark.It would probably have some type of chameleon power in the suit and a powerful but small power pack on his back. Maybe even with plugs and such to plug in a high energy weapon for accurate one shot kills.

Anyway, If I do put more time into this, I will post it.

Thanks for looking


  1. I think it works so far, the dude looks agile and limber enough to be skulking in the shadows of a sci-fi universe. I dig the ear/cheek canal in his design.

    I wonder if he ever smacks the back of his head into things while taking cover. There he is trying to stay in the shadows until he knocks over a series of pots and pans. That's more than loud enough to alert the velociraptors that he's hiding in the kitchen!

  2. yes he probably does knock things over with his massive noggin. I never said he was good at his job.

  3. But I bet HE says he is! Sneaking around Jurassic Park all day...

  4. Looks great, I was mentioning to Richard how the head of the character reminds me of Louis Gosset Jr.'s character in Enemy Mine with Dennis Quaid. He does appear really stealthy and lithe to take his target down, quietly, although I think he's not mean enough. Maybe it can be his expression, he looks approachable, like he could be asked what time it is and he wouldn't hesitate. Maybe he needs some weapon. He's really clean right now. Very unsuspecting. Nice work for the time spent.

  5. I was also mentioning to Brian that he's somebody I can find at the cantina in his astronaut suit talking to a buddy of his for a smuggling deal. I'd be interested to see a helmet of some sort to compliment the suit (since it feels very astronaut-y)

  6. Thanks guys!

    Billy- something had to kill was this guy!

    Brian- as an assassin he doesnt want to look mean. Sometimes if you look approachable your quarry will come to you. (Okay, I only made that up after I read your comment.) :)

    Richard-a helmet hmmm? Actually I was going to do a helmet of some kind originally but I never got around to it. Having food poisoning and baby sitting an infant all day takes the energy right out of a body. Ill get to it this week.