Monday, October 4, 2010

Superhero challenge - Arriving from the past, through time itself!

I've still got another couple of hours to put into my Alien tonight, but I'm starting to catch up now that I have some grasp on the program again.

In the meantime, here's my delayed reformatted superhero from a few challenges back! I liked the concept too much to just abandon it, which is thrown in below. The glowing eyes were added in afterward, but aside from that, it's all sculpted, textured, and lit in Mudbox.

Wait..I did Superman...that's an alien. If I just say he kills people too.... It's genius! I did two challenges in one!!!!!!! BAM!

But seriously I'll post the alien later today. For now...

Supraman Ultra: Red/Blue Dynamo Power Fusion!!

Entrusted with protecting Earth by the immortal Kryptonian space wizard Zord-El, twin brothers Kal and Kent Clark use their gifted alien bio-technology to transform into the mighty Supramen. Kal as “Supraman Blue” has great speed and agility, while Kent as “Supraman Red” embodies strength and stamina. When the situation grows dire, they can fuse their powers together to form the unstoppable force for justice, Supraman Ultra!

My main influences on this one were Ultraman, Gatchaman, and a splash of Guyver; actually had the challenge involved the main body, I probably would have had strayed a bit more into Guyver armor territory, but I really skimmed over that portion in the concept, since it wasn’t needed for the head and neck.


  1. Sweet dude. Cool Idea and well done for your first attempt at a mudbox speed sculpt. I like the fusion of the red/blue electric superman with the ultramn series. Very cool. Later I will show you some simple tricks for hard surface sculpting. You will be suprised at how simple it can be. Just gotta work at it a bit to understand it.

    Glad you finally jumped in and joined us.

  2. Very nice Billy, the character has lots of personality. The style is great, the ultraman, and old school flavors come through. The chest area would be a great place to try the sculpt-flood and mask trick or even the freeze. I'm glad you finally jumped aboard.

  3. I like the bright color scheme and ultraman eyes - definitely captured the old tokusatsu genre's spirit well. The spiky-hairdo becoming a weapon reminded me of ultraseven (and his bladed mohawk of decapitation). Is that image a render straight out of Mudbox btw?

  4. Thanks all. Brian I'll probably give that a go and see if I can't clean up some of the lines.

    Yep Richard, its all lit in Mudbox. A quick three direction light setup, with a key providing some soft shadow casting. The lights are kinda weird to adjust, but I think it added a nice touch to the final renders!

    Ultra Seven! I guess I should have made their laser beam shoot out of the center of their forehead! You'd hope they raise the spitcurl in that case though.