Monday, October 4, 2010

Concepts for the fairy-warrior-babe character

Should have put this along with the previous post, but I was lazy and I didn't scan my concepts until now (my bad).  The previous post's concept is the first image you see; the second spidery one is an example of a derivative I plan to make from this previous (hence the my plan for modular construction).  As for colors, the first one is more orchid mantis / hornet-like, the spider is more black widow like.


  1. What I certainly appreciate is that you've a similar approach where we go right into a sketch with no impediments embellishing and dropping details straight out of a pen, no need for a big production or even software, just mono a mono, pen/pencil and paper is all that's needed to nail a direction. Seeing those oodles of details makes more sense to your concept and they're very narrative. Insect influences are great, the females in that world are pretty vicious, up to devouring their mate, or using other species as an incubator or food, or transport. Will she have some issues with the skin I was considering, as she's gorgeous right now. You'll need to show us that eventually. I don't this kinda chick would go to Sephora at the mall... Keep us updated.

  2. Haha, thanks for the comments Brian, and yeah that point you made about females and insects is what I was exactly shooting for. Plus I kinda liked the juxtaposition of something repulsive (most people don't like bugs I take) and something attractive.

  3. Much easier to see what you want to accomplish. I would definitely do the non spider version first as, you have done a spider like girl before for Dominance War. I like the armor ideas, if you keep some aspects of it looking very much like carapace style armor with elements of actual armor influence I think it would be very successful.

    I really like the mask style on the spider girl over the batman and robin style on the other. Maybe see if you can design something more akin to the spider version for your other girl.

    I can see what looks like wing membranes, and insect like eyes in the sketches and I think if you can incorporate those into the final s that would really push the concept.

    If you want that extra creep factor added into the beautiful , but deadly female aspect, add in those extra insect legs somewhere on the armor or even protruding from areas of her flesh.

    Cant wait to see more