Monday, October 4, 2010

Last speed sculpt or finish a project week

Well guys, its the last week of speedies. Mark will be giving us our next assignment next Monday. so here we go....

Got a project you want to push a little more? Wanna put those left over hours into a previous speed sculpt? Wanted to get back into one of the long projects and wrap it up? Got a side project you really want to get going? Go ahead do it man. I will probably finish a previous long project myself.

Dont want to do that?
For those that want a new challenge this weeks speed sculpt, do a speed sculpt bust of...

"The demons in my head"

NO fool, not MY head but your head. Everyones demons are different. My Demons are pretty horrific.

3 hour sculpt time, 1 hour paint if you want to color.

Finals are due next Monday the 11th.

Have fun


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