Sunday, February 27, 2011

Aughra update

So far, so good. Took the 'ol gal up to level 3 in Muddy, she's getting closer. I think she'll really come together at level 5 or 6. I've been pretty strict on pushing each level limit as far as it can go so the economy should pay off; I should be able to paint it- with a good amount of layers. UVs were done in Headus. I'm really thinking hair in another program would really make this a good bust shot. We'll see.


  1. looking great mang! even on this low level I can feel the awesomeness. keep it up brohan!

  2. I think you got the base forms and overall volume defined well, nice that you're mixing up the programs ur using too. You can try sculpting out the hair, or do the old fashioned transparency cards approach too

  3. Lulz, actually, I was going to ask you about cards approach, but I was shy! Is it the same as Joseph showed us or is there something new? If I get that far, we'll have to talk, ReLight's hair seems a little less complicated that Maya's it's just the factor is I don't have a lot of time.