Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old One Eye

I was looking at some Joe MAd art and decided to do something more stylized than I normally do. So I sculpted Old One Eye here. Took me about 2 hours in mudbox. I got tired and decided to call it a night right around the time I started to work the hair. Had a ton of fun doing this though. And he's totally like 37.5% less evil than the stuff I usually do. I guess Mark and his goodie-two-shoes ways may be rubbing off on me....or maybe not.
So I decided that this is sculpt #1 of 100 sculpts in 100 days. Wanna see what I can get done by around mid may. Lets see how many I can actually get done in that time. Should be quite a fun challenge for myself. Get my mudbox skills rocking, and and a nice portfolio of work. Maybe even inspire a couple fools along the way.


  1. the bar has been raised... AGAIN!!! supremely awesome design and execution my friend, liking the anime-ish look, got a bit of the wise old warrior feel. good stuff, good stuff.

  2. Thanks man, I appreciate the love. Hopefully youll jump in and start making some wicked sculpts yourself.

  3. Pretty good, it does have a final fantasy look. Look forward to your 100 sculpts of evil and semi-evil characters, you will have a quite a nice sized horde by May!