Friday, August 6, 2010

August sculpting theme


So, after much deliberation, and much ideas shot down, I have decided that the theme will be "Prophet".

here are the parameters of the challenge:

1) must be a character, not a device or something like that. in other words, it must have at the very least something of a face.
2) not limited to human anatomy, so it can be either biological or mechanical or both, multiple limbs, no limbs, third eye, no eyes, etc, etc...
3) can be "loosely" based on a world religion, but nothing offensive, i.e. characters on a cross or something like that, nor can it be a parody i.e. "buddy jesus". As an example; the character can be "angelic" but not a straight out angel. the character must have a sense of belonging to the world that it lives in and not some out of place deity walking amongst the mortals.
4) characters must appear to be mystical, wise, magical, fanatical, delusional, etc, etc...
5) must be of your own design and fall into the fantasy and scifi genre, in other words, no just putting a human into some robes and calling it a day. Moreover, if your character is to be human, then it must be bizarre, cartoony, deformed, etc...
6) can be done in any style you want, in any historic period you want, like future or past.

obviously the theme is open to your own interpretation so if you can think of anything beyond the parameters then let me know, or if you have any questions. So what it comes down to is a character that looks like at any moment it could start babbling about the "truth", the "lies", the "end", the "beginning", etc...

the time frame for this sculpt begins Monday Aug 9 and ends Thursday Sep 9. Pose if you can color and render if you have time. So if ya'll are cool with the theme, you may begin brainstormin' but no modeling until after the current sculpt ends on monday.


  1. this is sounding like a pretty awesome theme, more epic than anything you were mentioning earlier... I kinda got some ideas brewing...

  2. Well done Cole, this is well thought out and I like how it is defined. I'll thank anyone else not to 'tease' with cover themes in the future like 'Steam Punk' McMaldonado, here. A Prophet is great nonetheless.
    (*Clasping hands to chin: I could dress a prophet up in something billowy...)

  3. Sweet Idea Cole. Better than I expected. If you have an idea go for it. Dont let anyone, especially ME tease you out of an idea, or talk you out of it. keeping a great secret like this was awesome, just like in the game of chess, you never show your opponent all your pieces!

  4. All I need is some Maya 2011/Mudbox lovin and I'll try my hand at this challenge. You guys are coming up with some really cool stuff! D: I wanna play too!!! lol