Sunday, August 22, 2010

Druidic Prophet initial base mesh.

About all I had time for this weekend. Will likely adjust some flow a bit more before putting in Mudbox or... The design is taking into account another influence, the 'Gaiking' character from old school anime like Mazinger-Z, and Giant Robo, albeit more organic in this creature. I'll need to add asymmetry and foliage to the branches. Considering putting in a splash of Egyptian details if I can't find enough Elvish reference. Started looking at some Brian Froud, the artist behind The Dark Crystal. The far right shows a loose sketch, but it has pretty much the broad 'look and feel' I was looking for, worked out. I'm thinking a lot of details will be embellished in the sculpt phase.


  1. Cool Man. I like it very much so far. Got a World of Warcraft feel to it. Keep it up.

  2. Looking good! The proportions give it a neat shape, though yes, WoW has made it so you can no longer see shoulderpads without thinking of the raid to come.

    I notice the cowl/hat and emblem seem to have gotten toned down, being shorter from sketch to rough mesh. The head looks like it's roughly the same size still, but the smaller headpiece sort of creates the optical effect of a smaller noggin. The braided beard will probably counter that though, and it may well be what you're going for!