Sunday, August 8, 2010

Squid man final... for now

I wanted to give this guy better textures but looks like it'll have to wait, rigging wasn't done either so he's in his default pose. Renders you see are from Maya, with normal and displacement maps active. Did a little trick this time with converting the Zbrush cavity maps into normal maps through GIMP and overlaying it on the extracted normal map. The cavity by itself was also overlayed on the displacement map as well. A quick breakdown of what I used and did:

-Maya: Base mesh, very simple geometry (this had to be revised several times and reprojected in Zbrush
-Zbrush: Sculpting of form and details, subdivided too much, Zbrush couldn't handle the extraction operation later. Was able to get cavity map out though.
-Headus UV Layout: Got really quick and easy UV's
-Topogun: Decided to take the low poly mesh and hi-poly detail sculpt into Topogun and bake the textures there, surprisingly TG was able to handle the density (64 bit helped). Got the normal and displacements I needed.
-Photoshop: Quick edits of extracted maps, etc

1 comment:

  1. nice job. Looks quite terrifying. Details are great, I think the only thing I would like to see, mostly for design, would be that that shell head on the back was a little larger, I feel like it almost gets lost back there. Larger would really make it feel like its a shell head and that maybe he could pull a large part of his body into it for protection.

    Awesome job nonetheless.