Monday, August 23, 2010

prophet concept WIP

so this is a WIP of my prophet concept. for now his name is Maberath, and the concept is that he's like the forest pope. He goes along with my Apernath character(which I'm thinkin of redoing) on my facebook. He's got these 3 "halos" that float above his head, I'm planning on redesigning those to be more "naturey" like made of wood and foilage and he's also gonna have a staff akin to Gandalf's staff. also considering givin him pants instead of just the loin cloth and he will have something around his lower legs.


  1. I like it, reminiscent of the Forest Spirit in Princess Mononoke, but all its own. I like the head (Heyoooo!). Is he wearing garments? Could there be some strappage? (Something billowy?) I think some accouterments like straps, Willow like actions adorning him will go well with the look. He looks like he'd be a wise prophet (assuming there are dumb ones) so play it up in the face.