Sunday, August 29, 2010

Prophet: Part Deu

What with a colleague (whom shall remain nameless, but who's name starts with a 'K') singing the praises about Headus -on the daily, I thought I'd give it a go on this project. It works pretty good for me, it appears to minimize distortion without including using a texture map and edge thickness as in UV t in Maya. I don't think I'll abandon Maya's editor anytime soon but Headus does work great, and I'll likely keep using it -until juggernaut Autodesk gets with it and puts those features in Maya's UV editor (!?). Headus' interface is cludgy. At this stage for Prophet I've added a sash. By sash, I mean a mandible. By mandible, I mean jaw bone. It seemed to belong. Also, I settled on stylized arboreala akin to the Bonzai tree plants in Japan. All his details have a story, should probably bust that out in greater detail later, but the devilish deathly skull, and the life-oriented tree on his back are constrained to the prophet as he's a mediator or sorts. I'm not particularly attempting to be 'out-of-the-box' with the metaphors on my character, but, meh, why not. Hopefully I can get him into Mudbox this week.


  1. Yeah, Headus is pretty good. It was nice to use on some of the dinos... and sometimes it was a pain too. lol.

    I like the addition of the jaw/face to his outfit. gives it a very interesting appearance. Are you going to have it talking like a separate person? o.O That'd be pretty neat.

    Also, would be good to hear the background for this character. I always feel a strong foundation leads to a better character design :) I keep working mine out as I'm painting it >.< lol. I'm so sloooowwwww....

  2. Isnt headus great? Wait till you have used it more and you get faster and figure out the best places to cut things, weld things and all that sorta junk. Maya UV editor has its usefullness but Headus makes it easy to figure out complex organic stuff.

    As for your design its coming along great. The addition of the sash/jawbone is cool. Wrapping around the figure rather than just a random bone hanging from nowhere was a great choice. Tree elements are looking great, but a little too symmetrical looking (but that's my opinion only) overall to really have a nature feel to it. Maybe change a few branches origin points and how high each one reaches to break up the shapes abit. Otherwise looking great man.

  3. Uh, well, I don't think it's particularly a challenge to get'faster' in Headus, is it? It seems inherently automated and quick to push buttons on. I follow a certain strategy in making cuts which is quick enough, but now that Mudbox hides seams anyway, not much of big whoop. I'm in it mostly for the distortion minimizing capability as anyone else. I'll see what I have time for on the trees, but I'm not hung up on that part, it's meant to be more stylized than hyper real. I like an artist Richard had forwarded over to us a few weeks back. I'll have to dig it up. But, basically the illustrator wrote a short story or even poem that gave a nuance of the character's background. It was shown off with some nice graphic design which was cool, too. Might try something similar depending on how far I get. Or, yikes, if I finish in a month.