Friday, August 13, 2010

Good news, everyone! Mudbox to Maya working...

Since I couldn't use 'Send to Maya' option in Mudbox, because I had previously rigged the base mesh for posing, I had to separately import the Normal and Displacement maps and build a shading network. I couldn't get it to work earlier, but had some time to figure it out this evening. I'll do a write up on the process for those of us who want to actually take work outside of Mudbox and into Maya for lighting, posing. There's particular things to be sure to do to get the maps to show up, its tedious. A shout to Richard for going back and forth with me on ideas for troubleshooting. Will post better lighted mentalRay renders later, much later.


  1. Man that first pic is epic (love the pose), this is some good stuff Brian! Great that you got the textures extracted; did you end up getting it from Mudbox?

  2. Thanks Richard! I was able to get the maps out of Mudbox. I didn't have to use Topogun, after all. It only took a few seconds for both the displacement and normal to cook and spit out. It was hooking everything up in Maya that was a tad confusing at first. But yes, you do have to shut off the displacement on the mesh manually and add a custom setting with the approximation editor.