Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Druidic Prophet

Concept for Druidic Prophet. Not sure how the forms will materialize, this being is part tree and the vegetational aspects could be anamorphic; shape-shifting into the human, would like to have futuristic like pieces or elvish pieces adorning the bodice somewhere, thought the Inuyasha concept of demon crystals or time crystals, but affixed in a triad would make for more mysticism, it's possible this being doesn't move traditionally, but resides in a forest, and manifests in different trees. Another influence considered is a character from Ninja Scroll is the direction is more asian than medievalish. Going to look at some Banyan trees this weekend. Hide your kids.... hide your wife...


  1. Did you mean anthropomorphic? Glad that you are thinking out different design elements and sifting through ideas. I often get stuck in an idea and sometimes have to work through that. Bad habit on my part. Cool man, looking forward to seeing your base mesh. I also like that this character just isn't just a human and has some other non-human elements to it.

  2. love that black little owl on the top of the tree. Cool concept and good painting Brian.

  3. I get a feeling that he's a distinguished character, like a king or leader of some sort (the beard and crown's doing it). Not as malevolent as it seems, despite the skulls. I like the direction it's going, I think it can be more interesting if you expand upon his role or position in his society (the short story idea you mentioned before might work great here...)