Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I apologize in advanced for not only bringing in a model that's so unfinished (with no head) but also submitting it late.

I box modeled the body in Maya and had to keep the geometry down to a minimum since my computer at home would have a hard time with it. I separated the head so I can add more subdivisions in Zbrush to get fine detail on it. Everything is very roughed in at the moment and needs ALOT of polish.

Unfortunately, I didn't really have much time to detail the octopus portion so I'll just submit the upper body.

I wanted to go for more of a super villain look to the character. I based my idea from Michael Turner's Fathom and wanted to make a more realistic and monstrous Ursela from Little Mermaid.

I tried to put something together that resembles an infection going up her arm that turns into her armor similar to Witchblade but more organic with tendons, scales, and flesh.

In the end I plan on putting armor on her arm that would resemble part of the infection along with spikes and blades that protrude out along the forearm and wrist area.

I'll keep you posted on my progress

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  1. First off, No need to apologize for anything. This all about fun. You know how many half finished projects I have? Millions. LOL. So no worries, if you make further progress post it up for sure. What you go so far looks really good. I like the idea of a more detailed and evil Ursula. The Armor does look nice and organic so far. Keep it up man love to se this finished.